Training program: Bachelor of politics; Bachelor of Education Politics for teaching; Master of Politics, Master of Theory and Methodology of teaching politics and Ph.D of Politics.

- Undergraduate and postgraduate programs have built based on the current regulations ofthe Ministry of Education and Training; references from prestigious universities; with the participation of professional scientists, managers, representatives of social organizations, employer and graduates.

- The programmes have clear objectives, specific and reasonable structure, systematic design and meet the human resource demand for the labour market.

- The programmes have been designed according to regulations, guaranteed education quality.

- The programmes have supplementedand adjusted periodically by referencing advanced programmes, feedbacks from employers, graduates, educational institutions and other organizations to meet the human resource demand for the development of local and national socio-economy.

- The programmes have designed based on the assurance of the interconnection with other degrees and other training programmes.

- The programmes have been periodically evaluated and improved in terms of quality based on assessment results.