The major in Political Science provides the skills of political analysis and a disciplined education that equips students for a wide variety of careers. The program is designed to: (1) encourage analysis of political theories, institutions, and processes within the broader context of the social sciences; (2) develop a continuing and responsible interest in political participation and public affairs; (3) provide the opportunity to acquire a fundamental understanding of political science as a basis for citizenship, a career in government or the private sector, or graduate study in various fields. The curriculum exposes students to various topics within Political Science while also allowing reasonable specialization in a student's area of interest. This degree-specific program combines the rigorous requirements of the Political Science B.A. program with content-specific pedagogy to prepare students interested in teaching Social Studies at the secondary level. The Political Science B.A. with Social Studies Education major offers a degree in the discipline with multiple field experiences in diverse classroom settings and culminates in a full-time teaching internship.